Let us introduce you to DJ Essence, Arguably one of the most unique dj’s in the wedding and corporate event circuit or for that matter even the club scene. Essence brings well over 12+ years of experience of party rocking. With a unique style that many cannot pull off, his superior skills of being able to switch between genres flawlessly makes him a top choice for clients who want a dj that can take their event to the next level. Essence also carries a very distinguished resume of artists he has worked with in the punjabi music scene that include the legendary Malkit Singh, Lehmber Hussanpuri, Punjabi By Nature, Guru Randawa, Superwoman, Humble the Poet, Panjabi MC and Miss Pooja, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! He’s not your typical Indian DJ -as he has also worked with Joe Budden, 112, Carl Henry, Karl Wolf, J-Diggz, Slim, DTP and many more during his career.

Essence specializes in Bhangra, Bollywood, Top 40, Hip Hop, Soca, Reggae, EDM and Trap and is also great at mixed weddings.



Toronto ON Canada



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